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An Invitation


Please join me, lets make The Limpetarium together...


Mat, Gillian, Kyoko and Deborah contributing their creative words at Limpet Ting 2

Orkney, January 2022

Participation is open to artists, archaeologists, ecologists and members of the public and there are several ways in which you could get involved in the project both in person and online:


You could meet up with me individually to share your limpet information and knowledge. This would be arranged at a place and time to suit you;


You could join a 'Limpet Ting'. This is an assembly of people who have an interest in limpets and where limpet knowledge is exchanged. Participants will be informed of where and when these events are to take place and invited to join in;


You could exchange hand written 'Limpet Letters' with me where we will slowly share our limpet information and knowledge through the post.

You could participate in any or all of the options above during the engagement phase of the project between July 1st 2021 and September 30th 2025.

Your contribution, in whatever form will be included in The Limpetarium. Written contributions may be displayed as part of the artwork or form part of an archive. Objects and photographs will also be included, bringing everything together in a way that communicates our shared knowledge. 

You will be asked to give written consent of your willingness to participate in the research, for images, recording and/or video of you and your contribution to be included in The Limpetarium and in any exhibitions or documentation of the work.

Should you decide to join the project you will have the right to withdraw at any point. I will inform you of dates when the artwork is to be displayed in an exhibition, publication or on the website so you will have a final chance to withdraw your involvement before it becomes public.

Any images, recordings or creative work you contribute will be stored safely and securely. In January 2026 the future of The Limpetarium will be reviewed and decided upon. If you wish your contribution can be returned to you so please let me know so I can ensure that happens at the end of the project.

Your personal information such as your name, address and email address will be stored securely, and not shared beyond the project without your permission. Your contribution to the project will be credited with your name if you give permission, or if you prefer your contribution can remain anonymous.

Please note:  This project is aimed at adults who have capacity to decide for themselves how and when they would like to take part, what they would like to contribute and when they wish to opt out of the research and/or disengage.


What are the possible benefits of taking part?

The benefits of taking part in the project may not appear immediately and some benefits may be indirect. You may feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have contributed to the development of knowledge about human/limpet history. Contribution to the creative process may inspire you to make your own artwork or start a research project. Meeting with other people with similar interests might increase your social connections and sense of wellbeing. You may also learn something new and interesting yourself.

Further information


If you require further information or have questions, please contact me.

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